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Well folks to tell you a little about me mmmmm..... were do I start. 
I am located in a little town called Mourilyan just outside of Innisfail in Far North Queensland.   I have always been and arty / crafty type of gal and have always enjoyed upcycling items. I plan to create a food garden (a long term dream) and include my creative pieces and finds through out. 
When I incurred a shoulder injury that could not be repaired, I had to find some less shoulder aggravating hobbies. What a challenge as I struggle to sit still for long!  I started making small pieces and with gathering interest from family and friends I decided to leap out and give it a real shot. After setting up my jewellery in markets and shopping centres my wonderful customers have left me overwhelmed and amazed with their response. I launched this website in April 2018 and once again the response has been amazing! 
Sunbaked Lizard's aim is to have affordable pieces for everyone to enjoy. I am continually adding new stock to the website all the time so the range is ever changing. So pop back regularly to see new styles. Don't forget you can also find me on Facebook & Instagram for the latest happenings at Sunbaked Lizard.
Love Annie xoxo