Hey there lovely. Thank you so much for dropping by and getting to know the woman behind the brand.

Well folks to tell you a little about me mmmmm.... where do I start….

I am currently located on the beautiful Bribie Island in South East Queensland after spending many years in Far North Queensland. I have always been the arty / crafty type of gal and have always enjoyed upcycling items. I also have a passion for food and making meals from scratch and am always working on my food garden.

How did Sunbaked Lizard come about?

I incurred a shoulder injury and 8 months after surgery the specialist confirmed that it would never heal, and I would have to live with it. I headed up to the property I had on the Tablelands at the time as I was at such a loss and felt so broken. I just couldn’t see a way forward and had no idea what I was going to do. Then I was sitting down in the seasonal creek bed enjoying all the sounds of nature and checking out the little ponds that were almost dry. I suddenly spotted this tiny little freshwater crab. In 5 years of being there I had never seen one. I watched as she went about her business wondering how hard it must be to live in this setting. I remember thinking she certainly is a little survivor. At that moment I also realised I was the same! I have never played the poor me so why was I doing it now?

I knew I had to find some less shoulder aggravating hobbies. What a challenge as I struggle to sit still for long! Attending a market and watching women swarm around a jewellery stand got me to thinking and I started making small pieces and with gathering interest from family and friends I decided to leap out and give it a real shot. After setting up my jewellery in markets and shopping centres my wonderful customers have left me overwhelmed and amazed with their response. I launched this website in April 2018 and once again the response has been amazing!

Sunbaked Lizard's aim is to have affordable pieces for everyone to enjoy. I am continually adding new stock to the website all the time, so the range is ever changing. So pop back regularly to see new styles.

It means so much that you checked me out. Love Annie xoxo